Must Watch: "Green Room"

No Major Spoilers: 

You know those indy movies that seem to be secretly released in theaters? They are the kind of movies that only get a limited release and you have to search your city for showings. What is that about? Well, Green Room is another one of those movies. 

My viewing was very unique. I had absolutely zero context for the film. I hadn't seen a trailer, a poster, a screen shot, a thumbnail, or a cast list. All I knew was that it was titled Green Room.

I had never gone into a movie so pure. It was great. 

Green Room falls under the horror category. There are so many horror movies where a group of young people are attacked by mutant hillbillies, or inbred rednecks, or conjured demons and I've never been able to suspend my disbelief enough to be honestly scared. So I am not a big fan of horror movies. 

Green Room was different. Unlike other horror movies, I found the protagonists to be sincerely likable and the antagonists to be genuinely frightening. While it embraces traditional horror movie paradigms, it completely ignores others. It felt more like a crime thriller and the neo-nazi skinheads were a terrifying antagonist in which I could really believe. The series of events that took place were far too plausible and it made the whole story very unsettling. I have never been so tense in a movie. It was awful. But so good. 

Not recommended for the casual movie goer. Even some of the bravest viewers had to watch this movie through their fingers. 

God save us. 

Author: Tyler Hanns