71. Movie News: Aug 2016


Join us as we explore the most exciting and/or dumb movie news from August, 2016. Why is China upset about 3D? What is the BBC’s all-time favorite movie? Did Tyler just promise to watch all the Madea movies? The answers—as well as our expert opinions—await you, followed by our most anticipated movies of the fall.

Featuring: Josh Porter, Patrick Porter, Tyler Hanns

Spoilers: Jason Bourne, Fantastic Four (2014), Harry & the Hendersons, Phantom Menace, the Dead Rising video game, Furious 7, Tammy and the T-Rex, Paddington, The Shining, The Evil Dead saga, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, Batman Begins, The Grey, Taken, Liam Neeson’s movies (in general), Batman (1985), Godzilla 2000, Face/Off, Mamma Mia, Training Day.

Photo of Lumiere and Cogsworth

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Theodore Rex vs Tammy And The T-Rex

Would anyone listen if we did an episode about a rookie T-Rex cop with Whoopi Goldberg as his partner versus a mechanical T-Rex searching for love with Denise Richards?